A Simple Dungeons & Dragons Menu

Welcome back to the Liv Ahwatukee Blog. This month, you are a traveler seeking adventure, and our hope is to help you succeed in your endeavors. At our apartment community in Phoenix, AZ, we hope to inspire in you a sense of purpose and excitement in February. This week’s quest: dine appropriately in your apartment.

Adventurers need nourishment! That’s why we’re sharing a Dungeons & Dragons-themed menu for your dining pleasure. Check out the following ideas for an elemental dinner, edible fireballs, and more!

Elemental Dinner Menu

We found this great article on the Dungeons & Dragons website. Click on the above link for step-by-step instructions for great dishes like Saganaki (for the fire element), Shell Pasta Soup (for the water element), Roasted Root Vegetables (for the Earth element), and Cotton Candy Cloud Cocktail (for the air element). Here’s what the article says about “decor” in order to get everything set up for this creative menu:

“Everyone needs an excuse to get fancy once in a while, right? Here’s your excuse. Get out your nicest plates and silverware, light some candles, and use those cloth placemats and napkins you never bother with. Or, if you don’t want to get too crazy, go for a more rustic adventuring vibe. Cut placemats out of kraft paper and use twine loops as napkin rings. Either way, print out a menu and place one at each place setting.”

Edible Fireballs

For this sweet treat, you’ll need the following ingredients: heavy whipping cream, semi-sweet chocolate chips, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, and Pop Rocks. Here’s what The Geeky Hostess has to say about this dish:

“These fireball truffles were created for a Dungeons and Dragons lover. The truffle, named after a popular spell from D&D, has a hint of spice and a bit of a kick from the Pop Rocks. Use them to butter up a new DM or make them for everyone in your adventuring party!”

Tavern Menu

We love this D&D-style Tavern Menu that The Geeky Hostess put together. She first includes an image of the actual menu, followed by an explanation of each item. How cool is that? If you’d like to put together a similar type of menu, she even includes a link to the free online program that she used to design it:

“I made the menu using Canva, my ultimate favorite graphic design tool. It allows you to make great images very quickly, even if you have no graphic design skills. I would highly recommend it!” We also recommend that design tool!
someone with their back to the camera as they prepare some type of meal in their dimly-lit kitchen