Exercises for Your Pet

Liv Ahwatukee is a pet-friendly, luxury apartment community in Phoenix, Arizona. Whether you prefer a cat, dog, bird, or fish, we love them all! In today’s post, we’re focusing on dogs, and what better way to do that than to highlight one of our great amenities: a fully enclosed bark park!


Daily walks are a good habit, not just for your pet but also for your own exercise. Having a pet is a great excuse to get outdoors, explore your surroundings, and meet your neighbors and other dog owners. Plan for at least two to three walks a day, but this will depend on your pet’s energy level and exercising needs, as well as your own schedule.


If you can find the time, head out of the apartment community and take your dog on one of these great hiking trails nearby. A lot of dogs love hiking, and there are a good number of hiking trails near Phoenix, Arizona that you can read about online. Hikes are great because they bring a new challenge to you and your dog. Before you head out you’ll want to check a few things first:


1. Make sure that the hike is dog-friendly.

2. Be prepared to clean up after your dog when on the trail.

3. Confirm that your dog is in good physical shape.

4. Bring water for you and your pet.

5. If you can find paved hiking and walking trails, these might be preferable. The terrain will be easier on your dog’s soft paws.

6. Invite friends who have dogs.


This month is perfect for going outdoors to exercise with your pets. Whether you decide to play fetch in the park, go on a hike, or let your dog run and socialize with other dogs in our apartment community, the most important thing is that your dog stays healthy and happy. What are your favorite ways to exercise with your pets? Share in the comments. Thanks for reading!

Liv Ahwatukee, Phoenix, AZ  Get outside of your apartment and exercise with your pet. Keep reading for some great exercise suggestions.