Fun Ways to Say I Love You

Welcome back to the Liv Ahwatukee Blog! Last week, we shared a few songs for our residents who aren’t particularly fond of Valentine’s Day. Today, we’re reaching out to those who are excited to celebrate the most romantic day of the year. Whether you’re planning on celebrating in your apartment or around Phoenix, Arizona, here are a few fun ways to say “I love you.”


Check them out below:


— Surprise them with their favorite dessert.

— Hide a bunch of “what I love about you” notes all over the apartment (some in plain sight and others not so much).

— Put on their favorite movie or CD.

— Clean their car.

— Send a box of chocolates (or their favorite candy) to their work.

— If they drink coffee, get their morning cup for them just the way they like it.

— Plan a fun date.

— Write “I love you” in pasta noodles or other food on their dinner or breakfast plate.

— Make a scrapbook of your memories.

— Spend a few hours together without checking your phone.

— Surprise them with their favorite takeout.

— Make them breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

— Watch movies they love (even if you don’t enjoy watching them).

— Make reservations at a special place.

— Volunteer to help with a project they’ve been wanting to complete for a while now.

— Take care of an errand or chore that they hate doing (laundry or dishes, anyone?)

— Name a star after them. Then go stargazing and reveal what you’ve done.

— Make a puzzle of the place that you met.

— Write a detailed love letter.

— Give them something that represents their favorite movie, television show, or book series.

— Make a list of “Things I Love About You” and share it with them line by line throughout the day via text messages.


Thanks for reading! We hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day.

Liv Ahwatukee, Phoenix, AZ  Today we're sharing a few fun ways to say I love you. Make Valentine's Day even more special with these great ideas.