Get Ready for Fall Cleaning

This week the Liv Ahwatukee Blog is focused on cleaning! Yes, a good spring cleaning is always a good idea, but things get cluttered all year long, not just in April and May. Thats why in this post were featuring a few cleaning tips to help you with fall cleaning! After all, theres no point in keeping punctured floaties and broken spatulas until spring. The first, most important thing to keep in mind is not to overwhelm yourself. With every big project, theres the temptation to do everything at once. While we think its a great idea to set aside a weekend to do your cleaning, you could also break up your cleaning into sections do one room or closet this week and another the next. Cleaning should not be something that you dread. We wouldnt call clearing out your drawers and organizing rooms fun, but it should at least be stress-free. Start your cleaning by deciding which room or closet youll tackle first. Once youve decided where youre beginning, clear out everything (and we mean everything) from your shelves and drawers. Wipe down and vacuum your now cleared space. With all of your things out of your space, you can now evaluate what is useful and what is not. Throw out anything that you dont envision yourself using in the next six months. If you know you should get rid of it but cant quite bring yourself to throw it away, just remember less stuff means more storage. Sort your things. Come up with an organizational system that makes sense to you, whether that means sorting by use, color, or even shape. Once youve finished, put your items in bins and baskets and place them back into your space. Youre all done! Time to tackle your next project. We hope that youve enjoyed our fall cleaning tips. What are your tips and tricks for cleaning and organizing? Leave us some advice in the comments section, and thanks for reading!