Go on a Virtual Reality Adventure

Last month, Liv Ahwatukee Blog discussed how to make your own virtual reality glasses in your Phoenix, Arizona apartment. To follow up, we thought we’d talk about an exciting place you can spend your afternoons or free time: VR Junkies.


“Paint a masterpiece in Rome, explore robotics and technology in The Lab, or fight zombies in the apocalypse. This all-inclusive experience can take you around the world without leaving the studio. We are Arizona’s premier arcade for single, cooperative, and multiplayer Virtual Reality.”


VR Junkies is a great place to experience the wonders of virtual reality. With multiple options for adventures, there’s no shortage of fun. It’s also affordable. For five minutes of playing time, it costs $5. For ten it costs $10. For thirty it costs $25. For an hour it costs $45.


There are also a bunch of discounts and promotions. Check their website for more information, or call the number 480-458-8033.


Heather, a reviewer on YELP, said, “Excellent service and really great gear. Highly recommend. The guy who helped us was really knowledgeable and patient. We had a great time and will definitely be back.”


If you’re looking for further virtual reality adventures in this great state, Visit Arizona has been the center for incredible experiences. VisitArizona.com shared some great insight into the virtual adventures available for everyone:


“Arizona was made for hardcore adventure, with endless heart racing, pulse-pounding activities all around the state. Whether you’re eager to dive right in or just want a taste from the safety of your armchair, we’ve got the next best thing—two fully immersive, incredibly vivid virtual reality film experiences.”


“We partnered with pioneering adventure filmmakers MacGillivray Freeman Films—creators of 2016’s top-grossing documentary, National Parks Adventure—to bring you so close to the action, you can practically feel the wind in your hair.”


Grand Canyon Skydiving

Look around and take in the stunning bird’s eye view of this remarkable wonder.


Sedona Mountain Biking

Get a first-hand glimpse at this mountain biking paradise and watch the (virtual) dirt fly as you race across trails surrounded by Sedona’s striking red rock cliffs.


What virtual reality experience is your favorite? Share in the comments below. Thanks for reading!