How to Avoid Losing Things

Is it difficult for you to lose things? We’re not talking about weight. If you’re used to losing things — keys, wallet, phone, television remote — then you’re no stranger to the frustration and anger that it can cause. Unfortunately, losing things, especially in an apartment, is an all too common occurrence. But what if this was different? What if the idea of “losing things” could be lost altogether? There are easy tips to help you keep track of your possessions, and Liv Ahwatukee Blog wants to share them with you! Following these simple ideas may prove the difference between losing your possessions and saving your time and money.

One of the best ways to avoid losing something is to choose a spot for them. This should be a place specifically chosen for this item — perhaps a place you know you’ll look at every day. A good way to remember this place is to visualize it in your mind. Before you place your keys or your wallet, take a few seconds to create the scene in your head. Doing so has been proven to help improve memory, which can help keep you from losing items.

Designating a single place where you always keep your items is a great way to remember where they are. When we keep something in multiple places, it can be hard for our brains to remember. If there is one place, however, made solely for one item, it will be easier for our minds to keep track of. If you want to keep all your important items — keys, jewelry, and wallet — in one place together, only keep those things there. Don’t add other items into the mix, or else it might become a mess.

Another great tip to avoid losing things is to keep a clean apartment. If you’ve ever had to dig through a trash bin to find an old receipt or search through a pile of dirty clothes for something that might be in one of the pockets, then you know the pain that such an experience can be! The cleaner you keep the apartment, the easier it will be to find things you might have lost (or may lose in the future).

If you find yourself losing important items more often than not, then learning to clean on a regular basis, putting important items away immediately, and organizing things so that important items have a designated space are just a few tips that might help you in the future.

Do you have a habit of losing things?  We’d love to hear about any tips that you might have. Share in the comments so that other people of our beautiful community in Phoenix, AZ can benefit. Thanks for reading!