Keep You and Your Car Safe in the Extreme Heat

When the temperature rises, so does the potential for danger on the roads. If you're not prepared, a flat tire or breakdown in extreme heat can turn your day's adventure into a hazardous situation. Here are some tips to help keep you and your car safe in hot weather conditions.

While it's always best to take preventive measures, such as keeping your car in good condition to avoid a breakdown, you should also be prepared for the worst. If you find yourself stranded on the side of the road, follow these tips to stay safe in extreme heat.


1. Ensure Your Car is Working Order  

It's a good idea to check the fluids in your vehicle on a regular basis. Brake fluid, oil, and antifreeze can evaporate or seep with time. If any of these liquids get too low, your car's engine may be harmed. Checking your fluids on a regular basis should be a part of your normal car maintenance routine.

Did you know that on a hot day, an overheated engine is one of the leading reasons for car troubles? Mechanics often see this during summer months. Your cooling system protects your engine from high temperatures, but if the coolant levels are low, your car may overheat and leave you stranded.

Check your battery. Most people are aware that extreme cold has the ability to drain a battery's charge, but many don't realize that extreme heat can have an identical effect. Whether the temperature is mild or severe, a dead battery may leave you stranded in unfavorable circumstances.

It's also a good idea to ensure your air conditioning equipment is in good operating order before hitting the open road on a hot day. Even if you leave the windows down, the inside of a vehicle can quickly get hot if you're not moving. Air conditioning will be more important if you are transporting pets or small children. Pets and kids will overheat faster than their adult counterparts when traveling in a vehicle. It might be hot enough to be harmful to your smaller traveling companions even if you are not uncomfortable at all.


2. Check Your Tires  

On scorching days, the metal on your car door handles can get too hot to touch. There is nothing you can do about that aside from having something to protect your hands. But you can take measures to protect your tires from heat damage.

If your tires are not inflated to the proper pressure, they will heat up more while you drive. If the air inside of them gets too hot, it may expand and cause a blowout. Even if that doesn't happen, flat tires are more likely to occur. Be sure to check your tire pressure before driving anywhere.


3. Carry Everything You Need  

Many items must be carried in a vehicle in order to safeguard oneself and the automobile from the hazardous effects of extreme heat.

  • Emergency Kit or First Aid Kit: Include supplies such as bandages, antiseptics, and painkillers but also enough drinking water for everyone in the car and non-perishable food items.

  • Spare Tire and a Complete Jack Set: Before you go on your trip, inspect your spare tire and make sure that the jack is in working condition. You should also take some time to learn how to use the jack and change a tire, just in case you need to while you're on the road.

  • Coolant or Water for the Engine: A gallon or two of water (or some extra coolant) can save you from being stranded if your car overheats.

  • Window Shades: Keep your car cooler by investing in some shades for the windows.

  • A Blanket: If you find yourself in the desert on a hot day, making a tent out of a blanket can help you avoid heat stroke. At night, the temperature in deserts can drop quickly, so can use the blanket to keep warm.


Beat the Heat in Your Liv Community   

At Liv communities, we understand how dangerous the heat can be. We make certain that our landscaped grounds provide plenty of shade as well as a beautiful pool, which is always a fantastic way to beat the heat. It's usually cooler indoors, but if you must go outside during the scorching desert summer, follow the tips above to stay safe.


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