How Liv Multifamily Encourages a Social Lifestyle

Today, 80% of renters believe that renting is a better fit for their lifestyle than homeownership. More and more people and families are choosing to call apartment buildings home. Apartments are not only more financially attractive, but they also provide a greater sense of community and connection.

Across its six apartment complex locations in Arizona and Michigan, Liv Multifamily encourages socializing. Its goal is to encourage residents to interact with one another by organizing programs for them. These neighborhood events foster interaction among tenants, resulting in long-term friendships and a greater chance of resident retention. According to a recent Apartment Life survey, 38% of residents would be inclined to renew their lease if they made just one new buddy. Because of this, Liv Multifamily strives to increase social interactions at all apartment properties.


multifamily social lifestyle

Nothing brings people together like sharing some delicious food at an event.


Attending a social event in the neighborhood might also lead to finding love for single people. You'll learn that others who are attending these gatherings have the same interests and lifestyle preferences as you. It's simple to start a conversation and see where it leads when there is so much in common. Beyond the events, Liv Multifamily's community amenities encourage people to interact. From first-rate gyms to picturesque nature parks and pathways and magnificent dining areas, there's always a place to meet new people or find love.

Which Events Are Available at Liv Multifamily?

Each Liv Multifamily apartment community has its own list of activities. Here are a few highlights from each site, as well as links to the social calendars.

Avenida (Arizona)

The Avenida location is all about fitness. You will get a full-body workout with the hydro fit class or on the trails with the Hiking Club. If you'd rather go for a walk than engage in difficult exercise, join the Garden Club or visit the Bark Park for Yappy Hour with your dog. The "Feng Shui For Love" is there to increase the chances of bringing that special someone into your life.

Northgate (Arizona)

Northgate has something for everyone. If you enjoy game nights, the Billiards Club offers pool lessons and may help you become a pool shark. There's the option to participate in yoga sessions or stretch & mobility sessions for those who want to get active. Alternatively, if you have children, they will love being a member of the Kids Club. The pancake breakfasts are something the whole family will love.

Ahwatukee (Arizona)

Ahwatukee has the popular buns and guns fitness class, as well as yoga and pickleball. There are also a variety of child-friendly activities available at Ahwatukee, including ceramics lessons, DIY art classes, and pizza suppers. Adult happy hours and "Bingo with Toni" game nights are held frequently. There is also a watch party for the Super Bowl and other big events, making it a great place for sports lovers.

Arbors (Michigan)

The Arbors living community is always full of excitement, with events like "Bonfire & Brews" and a Bachelor viewing party taking place frequently. The "For the Love of Wine and Chocolate" is one of the highlights, where residents can express their love for fine wine and delectable chocolate sweets. Apart from these laid-back activities, residents can also participate in active classes focusing on arms, abs, and assets & strength training.

Crossroads (Arizona)

At Crossroads, there's an event for every age. The video game competitions and pancake brunches are sure to excite children and teens. Outdoor boot camp and TRX suspension training are two activities that adults may participate in. "Feng Shui For Love" is available here too!

Resident Satisfaction at Liv Multifamily

Living in an apartment complex is the ultimate community lifestyle. Every Liv Multifamily home has a variety of activities that are ideal for bringing residents together. Are you seeking social events in apartment complexes? Check out Liv Multifamily's website to see what social calendars and more information there is available.

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