Tips for a Great Community BBQ in Phoenix

One of the biggest benefits of living in a luxury apartment community like Liv Ahwatukee is the opportunity to interact and connect with the people around you. We offer a wide variety of amenities throughout the community for you to get outside and have fun with your friends, family and neighbors. Living in a beautiful apartment community can make it even more fun and convenient to enjoy a Phoenix summer BBQ! Here are some tips to help make your BBQ party a success when using one of the community BBQs at Liv Ahwatukee. Make it a potluck Ask everyone you invite to bring a side dish, dessert, drinks, etc. That way, you can be the grill master and let the rest of the meal come to you so you have more time for fun! Invite some of your Liv neighbors Have you always wanted to talk to the nice couple two doors down? Or socialize with the family downstairs but havent had the chance to introduce yourself? A community BBQ is a great way to meet your neighbors and interact with your community at Liv Ahwatukee. Pay it forward and invite someone who lives around you so you can make new friends. Bring games What BBQ would be complete without a few games? Bring a few grass games with you so your guests and kids can have a blast while you prepare the grub. Games such as Corn Hole, Bocce, Horseshoes, and Croquet are a few great options you can easily pack up and bring along to keep your family and friends entertained. Try new recipes Grilling is so fun and easy, its always a great opportunity to try new recipes. Prepare your foods in your apartment kitchen before heading down to the grill so you have less to do when you are outside. Check out the Liv Ahwatukee Liv Healthy Pinterest board for some easy, healthy and delicious grilling recipes. Get there early If you plan to have a BBQ party on a beautiful, Saturday afternoon, remember that many of your neighbors may have the same idea as you do! Be sure you get down to the grilling area early to ensure you can secure a space and a grill for your BBQ. Or better yet, plan a group BBQ with your neighbors in advance so you can all grill together! Know what type of grill you will be using Liv Ahwatukee offers both propane and charcoal grills so be prepared for either type of grill prior to bringing your food down to cook. If you plan to use one of the charcoal grills, dont forget to bring your own lighter, charcoal, and lighter fluid to get the grill nice and hot for cooking. Dont forget: Here is a list of some items you wont want to forget to bring to your BBQ: A BBQ tool set will be a lifesaver and includes just about everything you need for your BBQ! Plastic bowls and platters to carry your food Aluminum foil to cover your cooked food can also be useful to cook foods on the grill Cooking spray Oven mitts bring a few of these down from your kitchen in case you need to grab something fast that may be too hot to handle Meat thermometer to ensure your meat is cooked to the correct and safe temperature Plates, napkins and utensils (if you plan on eating at one of Liv Ahwatukees outdoor picnic areas) Safety First! Be aware of your surroundings and use caution when using any BBQ grill. A responsible adult should be designated to heat the grill and cook the food. A heated grill must never be left unattended and children should be kept at a safe distance from the heat of the grill at all times. Please be sure to fully extinguish any flames from a charcoal grill before departing from the area. Clean the grill before and after use Keep in mind that you want the grill to be clean when you arrive to cook so cleaning up after you grill is equally as important to ensure that your neighbors can enjoy a successful BBQ too! Have fun and well see you at the BBQ!
Community Barbeque in Phoenix