Tips for Starting a Book Club



Last month, we shared a few books to add to your summer reading list. To follow up, we’re sharing a few tips about starting a book club in your Liv Ahwatukee apartment. These tips will hopefully get you on the right foot when it comes to reading with your close friends and neighbors in Phoenix, Arizona. Already belong to a book club? Share what has been successful for your group by leaving a comment on today’s post.


We’ve adapted the following tips from Oprah,  ilovelibraries, Penguin, and Real Simple.


  1. Decide what you want your book club to look like. How many members will be in your book club? What kinds of books will you read? When will you meet? Before you begin to recruit members to your club, decide the parameters of your club. Once people begin to join your club, you can change the rules to fit the needs of the members, but it’s always good to start with a general outline of the kind of book club you want to create.


  1. Find a way to communicate with your club. How will the members of your club stay in contact and find out about meetings? Start a Facebook page for your group, have an email list, or send out text notifications each month. You could even call each member each month to remind them about meetings.


  1. Come up with discussion questions. Once you’ve picked a book to read, it’s important to come up with a list of thoughtful questions for the group to discuss. You can usually find discussion questions online, or you can have each member of the group bring a question that they would like to discuss. Appoint a discussion leader for each meeting. Your discussion leader will help keep the conversation on track and smooth over any arguments between the members of your group.


  1. Have fun! There’s no point in having a book group if you don’t have a little fun while you’re at it. Host a potluck for your book club, bring desserts, and make some time to chit chat with your group. Get to know the members of your book club.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our tips! Let us know about your book club in the comments. Thanks for reading!

Liv Ahwatukee, Phoenix, AZ Apartments  Want to start a book club? Today we're sharing a few tips to get you started. Add to our list by leaving a comment.