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Welcome back to the Liv Ahwatukee Apartments Blog! As we near the summer season, we’re focusing on life hacks. “Life hacks” are strategies or techniques that can make daily tasks more efficient. Summer is a busy season and it’s almost here! Take some time to learn a few life hacks so that you can spend less time doing menial or boring tasks and more time enjoying your summer. Let’s find out what the users of Reddit have to say about the best life hacks.


If you don’t already know, Reddit is a website where people can post content such as links, text posts, and images, which people can comment and vote on. The more popular the comments in the post, the more points they receive. We found a great Reddit thread about the best life hacks you can use during your everyday life. Whether you’re relaxing in your apartment or working in Phoenix, Arizona, there are plenty of life hacks to go around. Without further adieu, here is a list of life hacks that received up to nearly 6,000 points on Reddit:


  • Don’t put it down. Put it away. Stop clutter at the source.

  • Always look like you know where you’re going. You’ll almost never get questioned.

  • Clean up while you cook.

  • If you’ve ever handed your phone to someone so that they could look at a photo, you’re probably familiar with them swiping through your photos. This can be annoying and easily avoided. Simply enlarge the photo just a little bit before handing your phone to them. When they try to swipe, the picture will move around. Or, just don’t hand them your phone.

  • The largest cup setting on a Keurig coffee maker is perfect for instant ramen cups.

  • Pressing down the Windows and ‘E’ keys on your keyboard will open My Computer.


Have some life hacks of your own? Share in the comments below.

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