Top Places for Hot Chocolate in Phoenix

Even though it’s warm, it’s the perfect time of year for a sip of melted chocolate. Looking for the best places to find hot chocolate in Phoenix, Arizona? Hopefully, we can help. Our team at Liv Ahwatukee has compiled a list of the top places for hot cocoa. Don’t travel far to get a cup of something rich, smooth, and chocolatey. These places are located just 10 minutes or less from your Liv Ahwatukee apartment, so you’re never too far away from a delicious cup of winter’s favorite drink.



Located just 5 minutes away is this classic staple. While coffee and tea are the popular selections when it comes to Starbucks, there’s something special to be said about their signature hot chocolate. This European-style drink is topped with sweetened whipped cream and a dusting of cocoa powder.


Cracker Barrel

Sometimes it’s the classic American breakfast that makes a cup of hot chocolate taste even better. Cracker Barrel provides a simple cup of winter’s favorite drink with America’s favorite foods. Located just 3 minutes away from your Liv Ahwatukee apartment, this is a great restaurant to stop in for a great drink and dining experience.


Pomegranate Cafe

While this vegan restaurant doesn’t have hot chocolate on the menu, it does offer a variety of flavorful juices as well as hot drinks. With handcrafted syrups, a Coconut Caramel Latte, 100% organic fruit juices, and more, there’s a lot to be excited about when entering the Pomegranate Cafe. Located just 6 minutes from Liv Ahwatukee, this tiny neighborhood spot is a great place to meet new friends while enjoying a refreshing drink.


If you’d like to add your favorite place to buy hot chocolate, or if you have a few hot chocolate recipes you’d like to share, leave us a comment below. Thanks for taking the time to read our blog this month. We wish you a happy New Year!

Liv Ahwatukee, Phoenix, AZ  Here's the top places for Hot Chocolate near Liv Ahwatukee apartments: Starbucks, Cracker Barrel, and the Pomegranate Cafe.