Watch This Summer

This week the Liv Ahwatukee Blog has five movie recommendations for you to watch this summer. Stay out of the Phoenix heat with a movie marathon in your cool, air-conditioned apartment. Grab some popcorn, a gallon of ice cream, and your favorite soft drink, because it’s going to be good.


Ghostbusters (1984)

Peter Venkman (Bill Murray) leads a team of parapsychologists who end up getting fired from their university jobs and taking up freelance ghost-busting work. This funny movie delivers on the laughs. Make sure to catch the original before seeing the remake Ghostbusters (2016) this summer.


Lilo and Stitch (2002)

Alien Experiment 626 escapes from his carefully guarded cell and lands in Hawaii. Lilo (Daveigh Chase) is a young girl living on Kaua’i, and she’s struggling to make friends. Her sister Nani (Tia Carrere) agrees to let her get a dog. That dog just happens to be Experiment 626. She renames him Stitch (Chris Sanders), and things start to get a little strange when his creator Dr. Jumba Jookiba (David Ogden Stiers) comes to retrieve him.


The Sandlot (1993)

Scotty Smalls (Tom Guiry) learns a lot about baseball and life over one memorable summer. He’s the new kid in town, but he begins making friends once he discovers the local Sandlot and the team of neighborhood kids that play there. Meet memorable characters like Benjamin Franklin Rodriguez (Mike Vitar), Ham (Patrick Renna), Squints (Chauncey Leopardi), Yeah-Yeah (Marty York), Kenny (Brandon Quintin Adams), and, of course, The Beast.


Addams Family Values (1993)

Wednesday Addams (Christina Ricci) is not happy about having to go to summer camp. Her new nanny, Debbie (Joan Cusack), wants her out of the way so that she can seduce the very rich (and very eligible) Uncle Fester (Christopher Lloyd). Fester falls hard — too bad Debbie’s a serial killer known for murdering her husband’s for their money.


Say Anything… (1989)

Diane Court (Ione Skye) can tell her father (John Mahoney) anything. When the over-achieving Diane falls in love with slacker Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) over the summer, it’s the first rift in their relationship. The second rift is the IRS’s investigation into her father’s accounts. Diane grows up and Lloyd Dobbler charms in this classic eighties romance.


What are your favorite summer movies? What are you planning to watch at your next movie marathon? Give us your list of summer movies in the comments.