What we can Learn from Bilbo Baggins

For many of us, our lives are not unlike the character Bilbo Baggins, sitting comfortable and safe within the walls of our apartment home, safe like in the Shire in Middle Earth as written by author J.R.R. Tolkien.


Like this hobbit before his grand adventure, many of us are comfortable: we take afternoon drinks when we like, we stroll outside when we like, and we’ll get around to adventuring when we feel up to it. But life, as The Hobbit teaches us, is filled with unexpected adventures around corners that are often considered calm.


Today the Liv Ahwatukee Apartments Blog invites you to consider your life as an adventure, one that’s filled with bad or unfortunate experiences (losing luggage, experiencing a broken heart, etc.) and good adventures (falling in love, traveling the world, etc.) to even things out. In today’s post, we share a few lessons learned from one hobbit to us, lessons that can help even the weakest person on their greatest adventure.


Friendship is Important

One of the strongest and most often repeated themes in The Hobbit is friendship. During Bilbo’s daring adventure, he is often surrounded by companions. Without these individuals, there were times when Bilbo could have died. In our lives, it is important to remember who our friends are and to stay true to them as they are to us. You may not need them now, but who knows when a mountain troll will come knocking on your door?


Appearances can be Deceiving

Bilbo was not the largest of hobbits, nor was he the most intimidating. Even when faced with great odds, he did not appear to be a threat. There were times when Gandalf was sure to think he could not be successful. Despite all this, Bilbo achieved what he set out to do because he kept moving forward. No matter the size of the adventure or the number of monsters that come barging through the hallways of life, remember that the physical size or appearance of a person is no measure of their heart, passion, and will to achieve victory.


Opportunity may come Knocking

We’re not always looking for adventure. Sometimes the opportunity comes at a most unexpected time. Remember to take chances in life. Have the courage to say “yes” and go on an adventure for yourself when the chance arrives.


Whether your adventures happen in Phoenix, Arizona or somewhere else, we wish the best for you. Share your own lessons by leaving comments about your adventures below. We’d love to read about them!

A Hobbit-hole