Ramping Up: Great Workouts to Get You Ready For Summer

Spring is near and that can mean only one thing: summer is right around the corner. If you are like many people, you let your workout routine slack a bit over the winter. Now is the time to fix that. Soon the weather will be warm and the layers of clothing will be shed, and you can’t hide those extra pounds very well in a bathing suit. No need to feel uncomfortable — there's plenty of time to get yourself ready for summer outdoor fun.

Thankfully, the Liv Fit fitness center has everything you need to ramp up your workouts and prepare for the summer ahead. You could join a remote gym, hire a personal trainer and waste precious time commuting, or you could stay close to home and do it yourself. Read on to learn about a few great workouts for summer and how you can get them done without ever leaving your Liv community.


3 Great Summer Workouts   

1. Muscle and Fitness 5-Day Workout    

This full-body workout is designed to help you lose weight and tone muscle groups in four weeks, just in time for bikini weather. It provides a regimented 5-day schedule that you repeat until you have reached the desired results. This workout is best suited for those of you who are already in good shape and accustomed to working out, but you're in need of a quick refresher to get you back on track.

It includes strength training, cardio, and high intensity “supersets.” You will need some basic equipment, like a jump rope, free weights, a stationary bike, a weight bench and barbells, and an adjustable cable machine. All of these are accessible in your Liv Fit fitness center.


2. Runtastic’s 10 Great Bodyweight Exercises   

This summer workout requires nothing more than some yoga mats and enough free space to lie fully extended, both of which you will find in your Liv Fit fitness center. If the weather is mild, you may choose to do these exercises in the fresh air near your community’s outdoor fitness stations.

This workout schedule includes pushups, planks, leg lifts, lunges, squats, and other maneuvers that use the weight of your body as an exercise tool. This routine is suitable for people at almost any level of fitness.


3. Men’s Health 4-Week Beach Body Workout   

This training plan starts with a series of drills to get you stretched out and warmed up. It then launches into a seven-day workout schedule that includes strength training, chin-ups, pushups, lunges, squats, and cardio work. Repeat the weekly schedule four times and you should be ready for the beach.

This workout is helpful to folks in any state or physical fitness. If it has been a long time since your last visit to the Liv Fit fitness center, you may need to cut the repetitions in half until you get in better shape.  


Your Liv Community Wants You to Reach Your Fitness Goals   

Whether you are looking for a summer workout to whip you into shape before the hot weather seeps in, interested in losing weight, trying to build muscle mass, or just need to revamp your workout plan, the Liv Fit fitness center has what you need.

It is filled with state-of-the-art workout equipment, including interactive cardio and strength equipment. The center is open 24 hours a day for those of you who need to sneak a workout in while the rest of the family is still sleeping — and of course, the facility is always clean and comfortable.

For those of you who enjoy outdoor exercising, you can take advantage of our community’s outdoor fitness stations or walk or jog around the landscaped grounds. If swimming is your exercise of choice, feel free to swim a few laps around the heated pool. After you work out you can soak in one of the heated spas to relax all those tired muscles.

If riding a bike is how you like to exercise, take advantage of our bicycle repair station to keep your tires filled and your chains oiled. For a low-key workout that allows you to enjoy the outdoors and visit with your neighbors, consider exercising your green thumb in the community garden.

No matter what your fitness goals are, your Liv community has the equipment, space, and surroundings to create and maintain your version of the perfect summer body. And to make sure you don’t forget to stay hydrated, we supply a filtered water kiosk so you can fill your bottle without missing a beat.

Muscular man doing cartwheels on the beach.