Build Your Best Dinner



Thinking of what to eat for dinner night after night can get a little monotonous and boring, but we’ve found a couple of great ideas you can try tonight in your apartment kitchen at Liv Ahwatukee Apartments in Phoenix, Arizona. Try one of these delicious dishes (you can even make a little extra for lunch the next day). And next time you host some friends for a gathering, you could totally try some of these ideas.


Start your meal with something healthy. Both salad and soup are great for getting some added vitamins into your diet. This spinach salad with warm bacon dressing recipe combines some delicious flavors together. The bacon dressing is our favorite part. For a soup, we love this superfood quinoa soup.


If your dinner needs a little boost, try some rolls or bread as a side dish. Fresh bread makes your home smell amazing and is great for sharing and storing for later. These Lion House rolls from The Girl Who Ate Everything are light and fresh.


For a hearty main dish, we always love the Pioneer Woman’s chicken spaghetti. This dish combines lots of fresh and simple ingredients into one dish that is warm and comforting. As we mentioned before, this makes a great “next-day” lunch to take to work or school.


Any dinner is made even better by a great dessert. Sometimes a complicated dinner calls for a simple dessert, and we think this sopapilla cheesecake is just that! With only a few easy ingredients, this is not a labor intensive dessert. It’s an easy twist on a classic favorite, and it’s delicious even after being refrigerated and eaten the next day!


We hope you love this great dinner idea, and we also hope that it gets you thinking about more dinner ideas! Thanks for reading.

Liv Ahwatukee, Phoenix, AZ  For a weeknight dinner, try these ideas for something simple and delicious in your apartment. Read today's blog for more information about building a great dinner!