Five Benefits of Prescription Eyeglasses that May Change Your Perspective

Buying prescription eyeglasses for the first time can be a daunting and challenging moment. While it’s very common to be afraid of what people think, or that the glasses won’t improve your vision at all, you might be surprised about some of the incredible benefits of prescription eyeglasses that we’ve compiled. Looking at the benefits may be just what you need to change your mind, and will hopefully relieve any worried thoughts you have about wearing prescription eyeglasses in our out of your apartment in Phoenix, Arizona.


It’s no surprise that one of the first things we think of when getting prescription eyeglasses is how good they’ll look on us. What you should be wondering is how they can make you look even better than you already do. Prescription eyeglasses have the power to highlight some of the best features of your face, providing an overall balance while adding your own personal style. Whatever the frames, the prescription eyeglasses you choose should not only be ones that feel comfortable, but they should be ones that make you feel confident.


If you’ve never worn prescription eyeglasses, then it can be hard to understand just how much they help your vision. While not in any way a permanent solution, prescription eyeglasses provide a temporary correction for vision problems you might be facing.


Prescription eyeglasses correct vision by focusing light in just the right spot on the retina. The lenses in the glasses are curved, bending the light so that you can see clearly. A good way to understand this is by learning how the eye functions. At the back of the eye, the retina reacts to light. When you look at something, the light focuses inside the eye. People who don’t need prescription eyeglasses, or those with perfect vision, experience the light as it focuses directly on the retina’s surface. Both the pupil and cornea shrink, focus, and curve the image, making it possible for your brain to translate the image correctly. If there is any unevenness, or there are irregularities with the pupil or cornea, the image will appear blurry.


When the light focuses in front of the retina, the person is nearsighted. This means that distant things appear blurry. When the light focuses behind the retina, the person is farsighted; things near appear blurry. Prescription eyeglasses have curved lenses that help light focus on your retina - convex for nearsighted individuals, and concave for farsighted.


Perhaps you have the choice between contacts or prescription eyeglasses, and you aren’t sure why one would be considered better over the other. Prescription eyeglasses offer some great benefits when compared to contacts. In addition to less cleaning and maintenance, wearing prescription eyeglasses is cheaper in the long run and decreases risk of getting eye infections; this is due to less touching of the eyes.


At Liv Ahwatukee, we care about your well-being. Your comfort is important to us. If you’re facing the decision to get prescription eyeglasses, we hope that the benefits we shared today help. Thanks for reading today’s post!