Fun and Silly Holiday Gift Suggestions

Canned Unicorn Meat is the first gift on our list. No, this isn’t edible. With no can opener necessary, your friends can easily open this surprising gift to find a dismembered stuffed unicorn. Check out this product description that made us smile: “...When you open your can, you will find one tiny unicorn which has been appropriately sliced into its main cuts of meat. Simply use your Growth Ray to re-embiggen the unicorn before skinning it and processing its flesh. Or if you're lazy, just bring it to your local Mad Scientist-Butcher. He'll know what to do.”

With a new Star Wars movie releasing every year, you might not want to pass up on these Star Wars ice cube trays. From the description: “Star Wars has captured the hearts and minds of many sci-fi fans for nearly 40 years and the love of this franchise has been passed on from generation to generation. If you haven't joined the hype then it's never too late, and these molds will make any Star Wars Marathon night a get together to be remembered!”

This Ax Pizza Cutter has a fun design. Shaped like a real ax, this cutter will have your friend feeling like a real lumberjack the next time they slice a freshly baked pizza. For less than $10, this gift is one that’s sure to put a smile on the receiver’s face.

The fourth and final gift on our list is The Dog Dicer. This is “the quickest and easiest way to dice hot dogs into toddler bite size pieces. Using the Dog Dicer will dramatically reduce the risk of choking hazards associated with these American classics, making them safe for children to eat, all with one quick, simple, and safe motion.”

Which gift on our list is your favorite? See something you’d like to add to your apartment? Treat yourself this holiday season! Thanks for reading. Happy holidays!

A girl in an animal costume holding a wrapped gift