The Game of Swimming Part 2

With Phoenixs summertime kicking into high gear, theres no better place to be than Liv Ahwatukee. Our top of the line amenities make Liv the perfect spot for all your warm weather needs, from spending time with your beloved pets at the Bark Park to lounging the hours away by our three incredible saltwater pools. Spend some time treading water this summer season with a variety of pool games, guaranteed to bring laughter and an extra dose of fun to the everyday! The beauty of pool games is in their simplicity all you need for most of them is a group of friends and a little imagination. One in particular that never gets old is the classic game of Shark. No need for the Jaws theme here, unless you want to add it in for extra effect. One player, as the shark, tries to tag other players in the water to make them the new shark. Depending on the chosen rules, players are either allowed to be out of the pool for five seconds at a time to avoid the shark tagging them, or not allowed to leave the pool at all for added difficulty. For those of you whod like to add a prop to the games but dont want to spend time scouting pool stores, an easy and fun treasure hunting game called Invisi-Bottle might be exactly what you need. Fill an empty, clear 2-liter bottle with pool water to weigh it down usually bottles with a white or blue top work best since itll blend in more easily with the pool. Divide your group into two teams and put them on opposite sides of the pool, lined up with their backs to the water. The goal? Find the invisible bottle. Whichever team retrieves it first wins the round. When they hear the splash of the bottle hitting the water, both teams may turn and jump in to start the search. Have any fond summertime memories to share or favorite pool games to suggest? Let us know in the comments!