Go Retro with these Awesome DIY Toys

It’s fun to look back and imagine life as a little child: the world is so big and filled with wonder, everything just out of reach of your tiny hands. Today, Liv Ahwatukee Blog invites you to experience life as a child with these toys that you can make in your apartment in Phoenix, Arizona. If you have kids, they’re sure to love them too!



The first historical mention of the yo-yo was in the year 500 B.C., which is probably a lot further back than you expected. These toys are fun and engaging, and they’re just as simple to play with as they are to make. In order to make a homemade yo-yo, you’ll need a couple of plastic bottle caps that are the same size, a few screws, double-sided scotch tape, a ball of yarn, and ten to twenty minutes to spare. For the full instructions, check out this article: How to Make a Homemade Yoyo.


This is a fun take on the classic metal toy. Made with paper, this origami slinky is a fun, colorful 4-step project. If you own a classic metal slinky, check out this awesome project where someone made a slinky escalator.


Propeller Toy

This vintage toy is simple to make and fun to play watch fly. With only seven parts, you’ll have a lot of fun with this hand-powered propeller toy.



First introduced at the New York World’s Fair in 1939, the View-Master became a popular device which showcased classic television characters. Today, View-Masters are still popular, but the possibilities are wide open. Create custom reels in your apartment. Then, order them in addition to your very own viewer. This is a great gift for any occasion, or just keep it for yourself if you want! Keep in mind that these can get pretty pricey, so if you have some extra money to spend why not go for it?


We hope you have fun with these DIY retro toy projects. Let us know what one is your favorite by sharing in the comments. Thanks for reading!